Zend Studio 8.0.1发布

2011年5月26日(星期四) 凌晨2:14 收到邮件:Zend Studio 8.0.1 is available

Release Notes

Software Updates:
* Zend Framework 1.11.6

Resolved Tickets:
* Case 033465 – The toggle breakpoint shortcut key now creates the correct
* Case 033803 – Links in tool tip windows are now working
* Case 033638 – Opening a PHP file from the SVN Repositories view is now
* Case 187879 – Processing large files is now optimized
* Case 033246 – Running a PHP script with an error in the code now halts
the php-cli.exe process properly
* Case 032519 – The code formatter no longer removes the backslash character
from a namespace expression
* Case 033322 – The Remote search is now disabled in the search dialog
* Forum 04507 – The Remote Server Support page is now available in the project
properties page
* Case 033499 – Only the necessary resources are scanned when downloading a
specific directory in a Remote Server Support project
* Case 033679 – Various Javascript validator issues are now fixed

Resolved Bugs:
* ZSTD-415 – The Zend Firefox Toolbar now supports version 4.0




[cc lang="bash"]
sudo rm -rf /opt/ZendStudio/
sudo tar -xvzf ZendStudio-8.0.1-x86.tar.gz -C /opt/

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  1. 荒野无灯

    呵呵,6以上的Zendstudio 都是基于eclipse ,所以,我就用上Zendstudio 了。 :cool:

  2. 老饕


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