2011-07-16 – Dan McGee

tcp_wrappers support is being dropped from all packages and the package removed from [core]. This is due to upstream not having released a new version since April 1997. Additionally, newer daemons and applications are inconsistent in their support for libwrap, leading to confusion as to whether an application supports the library.

If you currently use /etc/hosts.allow or /etc/hosts.deny for security or logging purposes, you will need to adjust accordingly and use another tool such as iptables, or other firewall helper programs.

Additionally, the denyhosts package will be dropped as it depends on tcp_wrappers to enforce the banned hosts list. A useful alternative is fail2ban.

也就是说从此 /etc/hosts.allow 和 /etc/hosts.deny 在Archlinux里面基本全面失效。。。。杯具的事情~~~这么好的东西,为什么不持续开发呢?

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